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Life begins with a capital “L” cancer with a small “c”

I am somebodys wife, mum, daughter, friend, confidante, cousin, niece, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law and godmother..

My life was turned upside down and inside out just ten days after my 37th birthday when i found a lump in my breast that turned out to be metastatic breast cancer in my bones. In 2013 I was diagnosed with metastases in my brain and liver.

“Anti-cancer, A new way of life” was the book that inspired our change in thinking about cancer. It spurred an immediate change in our family eating habits and the way we approach life; not just what we eat but. My daughter was just turning one at the time and it was the perfect opportunity to ensure the unprocessed, whole food diet I had started her on will hopefully continue with her forever.

I changed my eating habits and so did my husband, my Mum and my Dad.
After eating in an anti-cancer way we have seen in myself and my Mum consistent healthy weight – and definitely no calorie counting!
Mum has also had a great reduction in her likelihood to develop glaucoma.
David my husband has also maintained a consistent weight and has seen a great improvement in his memory – I’ve seen less grey hair too!
In my Dad – we were amazed, after being told by a specialist that there was nothing he could do for calcification of his arteries around his heart he went for a yearly check to surprise the consultant by halving his results, it was fantastic.
I am passionate about this healthy wholefood way of living, and love chatting about recipes, making juices and my new friend the smoothie to anybody that wants to know.
I know that all of my close friends are juicing now as a result of seeing what it’s done for us – it’s so rewarding!

One of the best things that was recommended to me by a close friend fairly soon after my diagnosis was to juice and she gave me links to the best juicer to get and also a brilliant recipe book by the Juicemaster  Jason Vale. I completely took to the concept and juice every day, creating lots of different variations of juices and sometimes smoothies – one of my recipes appears in The Juicemaster’s book “Funky Fresh Juice Book”! I am also proud to say that I have another of my juice recipes in Kris Carr’s e-book Crazy Sexy Juices & Smoothies.


As well as my diet I also practise EFT, Pilates, Rebounding, Yoga and Meditate (sometimes!) I have Reiki, Acupuncture and Massage as well as daily walks with my trusty Spaniel and super daughter.
I have also had medical intervention since my diagnosis, due to the cancer eating away at two of my vertebrae I had bone cement injected into my spine. I have had a mastectomy, chemotherapy and a small (!) amount of radiotherapy. I have also had integrative treatment abroad consisting of Whole Body Hyperthermia (that’s heat not cold) combined with low dose chemotherapy, IPT (Insulin Potentiated Therapy) also high dose Vitamin C infusions and Chelation.
I continue to have Herceptin (as I am HER2 +) in conjunction with endocrine therapy..
Even though my “diet” is packed with as many healthy nutrients as possible I also take some supplements which are prescribed to me by my Naturopath and “approved” by my Oncologist.

Everyone reading this can help raise money for charity by using the links I have to various online stores, these affiliate links pay me a percentage everytime you buy through my site.

Every penny (and pound) will go to two great charities, namely Yes to Life and Penny Brohn Cancer Centre.

with love and spirit,

Verity xx

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8 Responses to “About Verity”
  1. Verityslifestyle.com is an exceptionally intimate insight into a woman’s life and her journey living with cancer. Perhaps surprisingly, the site is also jammed full of enchanting and healthy recipes, as well as book recommendations all sprinkled generously with Verity’s distinct and merry musings. It is almost impossible for me to put the http://www.verityslifestyle.com into a box. It is inspirational, uplifting and humbling as well as primarily being a place for the healthy-foodie – food that tastes great and equips the body to fight disease.

    Gurpareet Bains

  2. Steve Webb says:

    Also have cancer and found sites like this a great source of information and ideas. Food is so important but we often don’t recognize it until we have a problem to deal with. I have learnt so much in the last few years about DNA, food and lifestyle. They are all so important and this knowledge has changed my life. Wish I knew this earlier but would I have believed it then?

  3. Davina says:

    My lovely friend, Verity, has always been a human dynamo, but since finding she had to contend with Cancer in her life, has also become a massive inspiration to the many of us that know and love her. Even before someone in my close family was recently diagnosed with Cancer, I found Verity’s knowledge and lifestyle remarkably enlightening and recommended her blog to many friends and friends/family-of-friends (and continue to do so). Verity has continued to be a font of wisdom and a HUGE support to myself and my family and for that we are incredibly grateful.
    It is very important to state that this healthy, holistic (and juicy!) lifestyle is not just relevant for anyone living with a disease or illness but something we should ALL be embracing. The evidence is irrefutable that this lifestyle will bring nothing but good things.

  4. Kate Clark says:

    I have recently been diagnosed breast cancer her2 pos not metastic. I start my chemo on wednesday 31st oct ,Halloween which describes exactly how I feel about my chemo treatment. I have spent a lot of time understanding my cancer and why I need chemo and I find it hard to understand that I am having chemo drugs for preventative reasons. I understand why,but am terrified that I may end up with a whole load of other medical problems that at the moment I don’t have! My mum found this link for me an d it has given me lots of food for thought. I have 3 girls,14 yrs,10 yrs and 15months oh yeah and a hubby,we will hopeful begin to understand the changes we need and this is a good starting point.

    • verity says:

      Kate , thank you for your comments. When I originally had chemo I was told by my oncologist that it was like sending the SAS in and I was happy with that visualisation. I believe for any treatment to wok we have to be totally “for” it. Personally I would not now have traditional chemo, but that is my opinion!
      I would highly recommend you look into high-dose Vitamin C therapy (natures chemo), Bicarbonate of Soda, and Ozone treatment.
      You have to investigate everything to see what sits best with you and your circumstances.
      If you are Her2+ then I hope you are having Herceptin ? (I have mine without a chemo but with an aromatase inhibitor)
      Whatever you choose to do, don’t be bullied by anyone : doctors, family, friends. It’s your life and you’re the “CEO” of you.
      Take care and I hope you sign up for my updates
      Love & light,
      Verity x

  5. Chris Page says:

    Inspirational website Verity, well done and take care, Chris

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