Breast cancer awareness month

After dropping my daughter at pre-school this morning I was driving home contemplating what this month of Breast cancer Awareness means to me and perhaps others who also have or have had cancer.
I know the month is about awareness for those of you that haven’t had it but there is bound to be poignancy for those of us who have.

I found the feeling coming to me was guilt.

Guilt. There it is again.

Guilt I hadn’t checked my breasts every month religiously.

Guilt my husband hadn’t noticed.
Here’s a good one, guilt that my adoring dog hadn’t picked up on my tumours – he’s a spaniel, isn’t that what they do?
(He’s sat at my feet right now and I love him more than words can say although we’ve renamed him “minor injuries dog”)
I had been breastfeeding my daughter, so my breasts and I were pretty good friends, still I hadn’t noticed. In a period from early to mid pregnancy breast cancer had evolved and metastasized into my bones collapsing a vertebrae and I had no idea what my back pain was until I found the lump in my breast over a year later.

Two years down the line from my initial diagnosis, which was breast cancer spread to my bones I have got rid of this guilt. I don’t blame myself or anyone else.

In a supremely bizarre way having the diagnosis was the biggest kick up my butt that I could have had. Perhaps the Universe saying “Verity you know you hate what you’re doing for a career, if you won’t listen to your heart and soul we’ll have to take drastic measures.”

So here I am blogging about anti-cancer food, lifestyle and having cancer and feeling passion for it, passion for life –

So please everyone do regularly check your breasts – put a reminder on your phone for every month. Take all the anti-cancer action in your lifestyle that you can.

If after all that you still develop cancer, don’t feel guilty.

Get empowered to turn something potentially devastating into something wonderfully inspiring.

Verity xx

ps If you know someone who’s recently been diagnosed with cancer, check out my friend Hollye’s spot-on take on what you should and shouldn’t say to them

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  1. Melissa says:

    Lovely post Verity… x

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