Breast Cancer, Stage 4, Healed with Natural Therapies

This story is so inspirational and struck me as I have been following the same protocols since my diagnosis, my family and friends have also been reinvigorated by Doris’s story.
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“A healthy body with a healthy immune system will automatically reject any foreign materials such as cancer from the body’s system.” Ruth Sackman, from the documentary Rethinking Cancer

Back in 1975, at the age of 38, Doris Sokosh was on her death bed. Her doctors had diagnosed her with breast cancer in 1971, and now they told her there was nothing more that could be done.

For her treatments, Sokosh had endured 7 operations including a radical mastectomy, the removal of her uterus, and several skin grafts which left her leg looking like a patchwork quilt after several attempts were made to relocate skin from her leg up to her chest. Sokosh said. “The skin was unreal, the way they took the skin from my leg and it would burn and at the same time my chest would bleed and I was in such pain. I lived on pills that helped with the pain.” She also had radiation, but she was not prescribed chemotherapy because her doctors said she was too sick to be treated with it.

Several months later Doris felt a small lump in her neck that was painful and then several lumps on the right side of her abdomen were discovered. Because of this, her doctor decided to put her back into the hospital for a gastro-intestinal series. She reports that these tests were more difficult than all the previous operations, and left her very weak. In the following months her weight dropped from 135 pounds down to only 80 pounds and she became so sickly that she was unable to walk, speak or even recognize her loved ones. “I couldn’t swallow; I couldn’t urinate,” she said. “My whole body was closing down.” Norma Forcellina, Sokosh’s sister, remembers Sokosh as fragile as glass. “She couldn’t move; you couldn’t touch her,” Forcellina said. “And she wouldn’t eat. All she wanted was coffee — coffee and her pain pills.”

The cancer had now spread throughout her body, and her family was told to make the necessary funeral arrangements and prepare to say their goodbyes. But Sokosh’s husband made one last attempt to nurse his wife back to health. He had found out about an organization called the Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy, which was a nonprofit organization founded by Ruth Sackman, and dedicated to providing information to the public about the use of nutrition and detoxification-based methods to treat cancer rather than using the standard protocols of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery which can often harm the body.

Following the FACT guidelines, Sokosh’s husband began to make a fresh juice blend from carrots, apple and celery to nourish her body. She says that he spoon-fed her the juice until she was able to drink it using a straw. After a month of drinking the juices she became more coherent. She says that her eyes got stronger, and she began gaining weight again, and she was able to come off of all medications.

One year after sticking to a strict all-natural diet and detoxification therapies which included enemas, she tested negative for cancer. She adds that it was about two years before she could handle doing her normal routines again. Now, 37 years later, Sokosh is still healthy and remains cancer-free. “When I first told my doctors, they couldn’t believe I was still alive,” she said. “They said to me, you should have died. I can’t believe you’re still here.” She also says that one of her doctors had been diagnosed with cancer and began asking her for information about the program.

Sokosh attributes her health to her supportive family and friends, her strong faith, and the nourishment of her diet. Recently, Sokosh wrote a book titled, Triumph Over Cancer-My Recipes for Recovery, which is a compilation of recipes based on the nourishment plan that helped to cure her body of cancer. Sokosh said that she wrote the book for cancer patients and for people who are interested in cancer prevention. The cookbook contains recipes and preparation techniques that Sokosh discovered when she regained her strength and was able to cook for herself. She says that putting the good stuff into your body, like natural foods and juices, and keeping out the bad like stress and foods with additives, is the best way to help your body fend off disease.

She says that the idea for the book came about while hosting a dinner for FACT founder Ruth Sackman at her home in New Canaan, CT. She says that “Ruth loved the meal that she was served and insisted that I had to write this cookbook and she encouraged me throughout the process.”

dorisDoris in 2013

Ruth Sackman’s work with alternative therapies began when her daughter Arlene was diagnosed with acute leukemia. One year after her diagnosis, Arlene died after undergoing traditional chemotherapy. The loss of her daughter set Sackman on a lifelong quest to find effective, non-toxic alternative methods to treat cancer. Sackman and her husband Leon co-founded the organization together back in 1971, from their home in New York. Though she was not medically trained, she worked with thousands of cancer patients, and investigated and consulted with hundreds of practitioners and medical clinics around the globe. Sackman’s non-toxic, biological therapies have helped numerous cancer patients overcome serious illnesses like cancer and Lyme disease.

(Ruth Sackman passed away in 2008 at the age of 93.)

F.A.C.T. Diet and Therapies

The recommended diet- the rebuilding blocks begin with raw, (preferably) organic vegetables and fruits, which are taken in forms such as carrot, beet and celery juices as well as vegetable soups and salads. High quality proteins are the body’s major cell-building materials and should be uncontaminated by chemical additives, hormones or antibiotics. The diet includes proteins available from nuts, sprouts, legumes and avocados as well as animal proteins from minimally processed, organic meats, fish, poached or soft-boiled eggs. The diet also includes fermented foods like whole yogurt and raw cheese, homemade nut cheese and sauerkraut. Grains are considered a rich source of vital, nutrients and are consumed in whole, unprocessed, uncooked forms, these include rye, brown rice, barley, millet and more. An excellent method of preparing these grains is the “thermos cooking process.” Spouts such as alfalfa and radishes are one of the finest sources of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, as is glucose, in forms such as unprocessed raw honey and maple syrup. Select vitamin supplements can also play a role in the rebuilding process.

Detoxification-  All of us, without exception, are exposed to toxins from the day we are born, in food additives, drugs, household chemicals, cosmetics, x-ray exposure and a host of environmental pollutants. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 85% of cancers are environmentally produced, the product of such exposure. To utilize biological therapies to reverse illness, it is imperative to assist the body in the removal of toxins to restore the immune system, which is known to play an active role in preventing and fighting cancer. The FACT advocated protocol works to restore and strengthen function of the colon, kidney and liver, the prime organs of toxic elimination via the use of colonics, roughage and other detoxification procedures. The largest and most overlooked organ of elimination, the skin, is also cared for with body brushing and warm baths in Epsom salts. Also included are techniques to optimize function of the lungs and lymphatic system as well as fasting, such as the Water and Juice Fast.

Psychological healing-  There is no doubt that a patient’s psychological attitude plays a profound role in the recovery program. The FACT approach advocates a host of techniques to establish the psychological framework to support healing, including stress management, meditation, biofeedback along with counseling to optimize the patient-family/caregiver relationship

Physical -The goal is to strengthen host resistance. Attention must be paid to normalize, as much as possible, all of the systems of the body – endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, nerve, etc. – as well as to correct hormonal imbalances. The physical state of the body plays a great role in facilitating the healing process. Practitioners who are involved with biological therapies are aware that a misaligned spine can greatly impede bio-repair, as various organs and systems such as bowel movements, circulation and the endocrine system are signaled into activity by means of the nerve network.  Physical exercise, breathing exercises, light therapy and proper rest are also considerations in the implementation of an effective bio-repair protocol.

Therapies- Over the years, FACT has had considerable experience with cancer patients who have utilized a number of supplementary procedures and substances to help battle disease and restore and strengthen their immune system. These include Immunotherapy, Whole-Body Hyperthermia (Fever Therapy), Cellular and Stem Cell Therapy and Botanicals, such as Hoxsey Herbal Therapy and Essiac Tea an old herbal formula discovered by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse which includes four primary herbs (slippery elm inner bark, burdock root, sheep sorrel and Indian rhubarb root) which can aid in re-balancing the body chemistry and in the elimination of toxins.

Article posted with permission from Cancer Compass – “an alternative route”

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  1. Nicola says:

    Wow! What an inspiring article and amazing story and woman. Interesting about eating some meat and eggs as these always seem to be a no-no on anti cancer diets. Will definitely be keeping up with the fruit and veg and juices

  2. aaBeliever says:

    I’ve been suffering from a breast disease, quite not sure if its cancer because im always afraid of being diagnosed. but i feel a large tumor or cyst and i always feel pain in both of them.

  3. aaBeliever says:

    this story really inspired me and gave me hope. thanks and Godbless

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