>For Partners & Spouses of those with cancer – guest post

> On being supportive… – by David Sewell I asked Verity if I could put down a few words of encouragement for the partners of those who have arrived at her blog because they want to start eating an anti-cancer diet. There’s no question that it will be a step out of your comfort zone, […]

>The 15 Anti-cancer food rules I follow

> These are based on the recommendations of Dr David Servan Schrieber, Conner Middlemann-Whitney and Penny Brohn Cancer Care and added to by me with what I have learnt on my cancer journey. Don’t be alarmed if your favourite foods aren’t on the list, you can apply rule 15 and also revel in ALL the […]

>The First Post

>Welcome to my first post on Verityslifestyle aka Verity’s Anti-cancer Lifestyle. I hope that you will follow my posts and be encouraged to try some really healthy, easy recipes that I believe can be Anti-cancer. If you would like to read more about the studies and theories about why I eat what I eat you […]