Confidence, Catheters, Clothes and cancer

square me

Just over 4 years ago I was what you might call a “complete” woman. Now, in the summer of 2014, I have had various bits of me taken away and some others added! First of all I had a mastectomy and also some bone cement put in my vertebrae Then there was a bit of […]

Inspiration from YouTube ?

  I very rarely watch YouTube videos apart from when I am trying to find out how to do something! However sometimes something makes you press play on an email link or Facebook share from a friend. There are three videos that I would like to share with you that I find in one way […]

Love is in the air

What does the 14th February mean to you? To me, the most important meaning is my Mum’s birthday To most it’s about celebrating love, but as I have learnt from my best friend it can be celebrating the love with anyone, your sister, friend, son, daughter…… To Kris Carr it will be about celebrating still […]

Going under the knife

A couple of months ago my oncologist asked me if I would like to consider having my ovaries removed. I’ve got my family, my beautiful monkey of a daughter so I don’t need my ovaries for any more baby making. Besides I’ve always thought that having a hormonal based cancer it would be pretty daft […]

Positivity – Verity Style

Positivity – Verity style I am in the envious (?) position that friends family and readers of this blog say how positive I am. They also say they don’t know how I do it, that they don’t know if they could do the same. My reply: 1. 98% of the time I am positive and […]

A day in my life

My best friend, my daughter and me.

Like clockwork the cockerel crows at exactly 7am every morning. That is the cockerel on my 3 year old daughter’s alarm clock. Generally David, my husband in a million, goes into to see our daughter and within seconds I smile as I hear giggles emanating from across the landing. Our daughter has known little else […]

Breast cancer awareness month

After dropping my daughter at pre-school this morning I was driving home contemplating what this month of Breast cancer Awareness means to me and perhaps others who also have or have had cancer. I know the month is about awareness for those of you that haven’t had it but there is bound to be poignancy […]

Do something selfless – its easy

  A couple of weeks ago I found out that a lovely young lady I know was in a hospice to get some specialist pain management. Her partner posted on facebook asking if any of us friends could help out with something for the hospice. As someone who has a chronic illness I’m not sure […]

>My Anti-cancer toolbox

>; Source Tools to live with cancer after diagnosis These are the 25 varied things I put in my “toolbox” to help me take control over my cancer diagnosis in August 2010 (some weren’t in existence at the time eg some of the books but I’ve added them in anyway ) I’m not saying this […]

>For Partners & Spouses of those with cancer – guest post

> On being supportive… – by David Sewell I asked Verity if I could put down a few words of encouragement for the partners of those who have arrived at her blog because they want to start eating an anti-cancer diet. There’s no question that it will be a step out of your comfort zone, […]