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A couple of weeks ago I found out that a lovely young lady I know was in a hospice to get some specialist pain management. Her partner posted on facebook asking if any of us friends could help out with something for the hospice.

As someone who has a chronic illness I’m not sure I’d want to volunteer in a hospice, but I realised that was being asked was actually a way to really help, but by doing something in our homes for the people at the hospice.

It got me wondering, how can we all donate/help out to places like hospices which are mainly charity funded?

What we were asked was if any of us had a sewing machine and could make some fabric bags for the people in the hospice to carry their syringe drivers in. The hospice had just had new ones and they were a different size than previous ones.
Syringe drivers are used when you need continuos medication through a vein or port, and having the freedom to move. Getting around if you can is so vital not only to physical health but also mental health – who doesn’t want to go for a walk or stroll round the garden?

So for me this was a no brainer, we were in our holiday cottage in Norfolk, but as luck (or was it destined to be?) we had taken the sewing machine to do some extras for our cottage. Oh, I need some fabric….. If we were at home I have lots of off-cuts in the loft from my career as an interior designer, but I was in Norfolk!
I decided to ask the local design shop in Cromer if they would donate some off cuts to a good cause. The Norfolk House Company were more than happy to help out and I got some super fabrics to make six bags for The Prospect Hospice in Swindon.
When I’d finished them and posted them off I felt happy that I could help and happy to “give” three hours of my time to make the lives of others easier with such a simple thing.

So, how could you help and do something selfless? Looking at hospice websites they are looking for volunteers to do all sorts of things – manicures to gardening, painting to making teas, and of course sewing!
You might like to take a look at

The friend’s follow up post on Facebook was:
“the warmth and generosity of some of my friends still amazes me.why not follow their example, and do something utterly selfless today and do something kind or generous for someone else today. There really are people out there that are worse off than you”

What could YOU and your friends do?

let me know in the comments below……

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  1. Vicki says:

    Doing something for someone else is a good thing for you and them. I would have made some of the bags as you put the request of facebook, but my sewing machine is broken. I don’t know if you have ever read Cami Walker’s book 29 Gifts, how a month of giving can change your life. We tend to think of giving, or doing something for someone else as being about the big things, or giving a lot of money. I try to give a gift each day and on one occasion I gave a colleague a bag of sugar for her drinks at work and she was just so delighted she came and gave me a hug. It is more the thought than the value that matters because a few minutes of your time can also be a gift. Even something as simple as holding a door open for someone, or a smile, can really make the day of another person.

  2. Melissa says:

    As soon as I read this it got me thinking about something I’ve been meaning to do for ages, so thanks for the prompt. I’m now making enquries to bake healthy cakes for a small community of OAPs…

    • verity says:

      Melissa – thats brilliant, let us know how you get on?
      we CAN all make a difference especially when we focus on our passion and strengths
      Verity x

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