Inspiration from YouTube ?


I very rarely watch YouTube videos apart from when I am trying to find out how to do something! However sometimes something makes you press play on an email link or Facebook share from a friend.

There are three videos that I would like to share with you that I find in one way or another totally mind-blowing inspirational .

This first one is a TED-x talk by a superwoman called Janine.

I call her a superwoman because of the intense physical difficulties she found herself in after an accident – she nearly died and was told she would NEVER walk again. Serious stuff hey?

She is such an inspiration to me and her strength of character and determination are to be aspired to – I certainly do.

When people ask me how I have such a determined attitude to cancer, my reply is often “because there is no other way, no other option” “there’s only one alternative and I’m simply not entertaining it”

I’d like to think Janine thinks the same.

Let me know your reaction to this video, mine was pride, tears, hope and inspiration

you can find out more about Janine at

2 Responses to “Inspiration from YouTube ?”
  1. Nicola says:

    Wow! wow! Wow! What an inspiring lady! Thanks for sharing x

  2. John gallagher says:

    Brilliant inspiring video

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