Going under the knife

A couple of months ago my oncologist asked me if I would like to consider having my ovaries removed. I’ve got my family, my beautiful monkey of a daughter so I don’t need my ovaries for any more baby making. Besides I’ve always thought that having a hormonal based cancer it would be pretty daft […]

Positivity – Verity Style

Positivity – Verity style I am in the envious (?) position that friends family and readers of this blog say how positive I am. They also say they don’t know how I do it, that they don’t know if they could do the same. My reply: 1. 98% of the time I am positive and […]


Cranberry Cinnamon brownies

I often take my brownies into my studio pilates class I attend. They always go down well and I’m told I don’t do this often enough. When asked for the recipe I point my friends to my recipe here But one particular friend, Charlie moans that she is not going to make almond milk in […]

brussel sprouts

Brussel Express

I’m hoping you know how beneficial Brussel Sprouts are to your body? No? ok, well they contain lots of amazing phytonutrients to combat inflammation and cholesterol. Vitamin K & C as well as fab anti-oxidants. Not to mention their ability to help prevent cancer……find out more here Heres one of my favourite ways to serve […]


Raw chocolate Truffles

I cannot believe that I am resisting the 30 or so truffles that are currently residing in our fridge, all ready for dispatch as Christmas gifts for my daughter’s pre-school staff and my alternative practitioners (my acupuncturist, Martin will be furious he missed out on these, currently being in NZ) My daughter was at pre-school […]

Top seven gifts for Christmas

Stuck for Christmas presents this year? Really want to give a gift that means something? Here are my TOP seven recipe books for Christmas gifts   Last week I spent a long lunch at a very smart designer hotel in London with four of my close friends. Every year we pick a different venue based […]