Courgette, Coconut, Chilli Soup

Chilli Coconut Courgette Soup

Verity’s International Courgette (Zucchini) Week begins today. This much maligned vegetable can be used in ways more inspiring and interesting than sludgy ratatouille. So every day this week I’ll be introducing you to some of my favourite ways to use courgettes. The courgette (or zucchini for my US readers) is a member of the cucumber […]

Real ice lollies

Every time we get good sunny weather here in the UK my daughter and I concoct tasty ice lollies. We usually start with a juice of whatever we’ve got fresh or in the fridge, this can be just fruit or a sneaky combination of fruit and vegetables. I bought some ice lolly moulds from a […]

Do something selfless – its easy

  A couple of weeks ago I found out that a lovely young lady I know was in a hospice to get some specialist pain management. Her partner posted on facebook asking if any of us friends could help out with something for the hospice. As someone who has a chronic illness I’m not sure […]

Kale Speltotto

Kale “Speltotto”

  Kale Speltotto   Serves 2   3/4 cup spelt or arborio rice 3 chunky spring onions, sliced thinly 2 garlic cloves, crushed 2 pints veg stock Approx 10 kale leaves, stalks removed, leaves roughly chopped or torn 1 large field mushroom or two portobello mushrooms chopped into 1cm cubes 3 teaspoons pesto 1/4 lemon […]

egg&asparagus salad

Asparagus & Poached Egg Salad

I’ve been lucky enough to have been eating lots of this anti-cancer veggie over the past few weeks (and juicing the ends) and I’ve tasted Asparagus from my Mum’s own Asparagus bed and also a good friend has supplied me with plenty from her local farm shop in Kent, both quite different. We’ve got a […]

raw veggies with cashew tamari dressing

Fresh raw veggies with cashew dressing

I just love this combination of uber thin sliced raw veggies with a dresssing, you’d never know they were “raw” This is what went into my dish but you can play around with the ingredients and quantities Served 4 1 cup of very thinly sliced red cabbage 1 cup of very thinly sliced white cabbage […]