Positivity – Verity Style

Positivity – Verity style

I am in the envious (?) position that friends family and readers of this blog say how positive I am.
They also say they don’t know how I do it, that they don’t know if they could do the same.
My reply:
1. 98% of the time I am positive and more importantly filled with HOPE for everything in life
The 2% remaining can be very dark, scary and include lots of tears (which on a positive note are a release of toxins)
I believe that having these horrendous times are actually invaluable to healing.
2. For me, there is no other option.

It’s taken me the past two and a half years since diagosis to get to this point.
It certainly wasn’t like this in the early days of diagnosis.
It may change over time but I know I will welcome it and deal with it at the time.

I would like to share with you some ways I’ve got to my emotional (mostly balanced) state;
This week its my cancer curfew.

On first being diagnosed our family found that we were talking about nothing else other than cancer, especially in the evenings after our daughter had gone to bed. It was the conversation over the dinner table and beyond…..
You know if you watch a scary movie just before going to bed you can have some pretty strange dreams/nightmares, well this was happening not just to me but also to David, my husband.
We soon realised how detrimental this was and came up with a “cancer curfew”.

After 8pm there was to be no cancer related talk , it took a while for us to integrate this and we all had to pull each other up for slipping off the wagon but it helped so much in those early days.
We had stopped watching TV shortly after my diagnosis so what to do instead?
We talked about our daughter, what friends were upto, watched comedy films, read a lot more (I mostly read chic-lit books back then – not wanting anything too heavy on the brain!)

Nowadays we are not so strict, but then again the conversation is much more about health rather than disease.

Having a cancer diagnosis throws everything in the air that you have ever believed and it takes time to readjust.
I am permanently readjusting – that is my new normal.

Let me know in the comments below how you get positive and have hope, or email me verityslifestyle (at) gmail dot com


Enjoying some bracing sea air this Christmas with my Dad & my Daughter helps clear the negative cobwebs

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  1. Ildiko says:

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR my comment just went walkies lol
    I was told few days before Xmas I’ve got breast cancer, cruel Santa lol had abt 4-5 days cry with my other half but after that we did not let our Xmas being spoilt because of the diagnoses so we had a fab Xmas and we learnt to deal with it. I’m going through my treatments at the moment and everyone tells me I don’t look ill. I do believe being positive most of the times does help and having great friends and a fab partner and 2 little cheeky monkeys helps a lot as well. My ex boss/ friend Fiona gave me your blog link and I def will pop over to read more of your blog. Take care hugs Ildiko

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