Praise for Verityslifestyle

“When sometimes cancer wants to stop me from living I think about all that you are doing to stop cancer. You are an example for me Verity. Thanks for all that you share”

Ana Chourico, cancer thriver from Portugal

“I don’t have cancer but thanks to you, your book recommendations and your amazing inspirational story I already eat a different diet to before and I am constantly giving advice to all my loved ones who do or don’t have cancer”

Rachel Ferry, friend for nearly thirty years

“Verity, your ears must be burning so much since we got back as I have been talking about you loads….. you are truly inspirational!! I have shared your website with family and friends especially your anti-cancer toolbox and “on being Supportive”…….Oh, the tapping (EFT) works too! There is a huge spider in my kitchen and did I panic? No!!”

Colette Newell, met at Juicemaster Retreat, Turkey

“ is an exceptionally intimate insight into a woman’s life and her journey living with cancer. Perhaps surprisingly, the site is also jammed full of enchanting and healthy recipes, as well as book recommendations all sprinkled generously with Verity’s distinct and merry musings. It is almost impossible for me to put the into a box. It is inspirational, uplifting and humbling as well as primarily being a place for the healthy-foodie – food that tastes great and equips the body to fight disease. ”

Gurpareet Bains, creator of the “world’s healthiest meal” and author of Indian Superspices and Indian Superfood

2 Responses to “Praise for Verityslifestyle”
  1. Lori Punkerton-Rolet says:

    Thanks to you Verity I am being pro-active about my health. My husband has altered his eating as well. You are an inspiration and I think of you each morning when juicing!

  2. Sally Dernie says:

    Verity, thank you for having me to stay. As ever I came home full of ideas and inspiration for living a healthier life. I even stewed the rhubarb you gave me (imagine that!) – it was delicious by the way. Please put the taco recipe on the website, it’s so good Lots of love, Sally x

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