Real ice lollies


Every time we get good sunny weather here in the UK my daughter and I concoct tasty ice lollies.
We usually start with a juice of whatever we’ve got fresh or in the fridge, this can be just fruit or a sneaky combination of fruit and vegetables.
I bought some ice lolly moulds from a local department store but you can find them online and Ikea do some quite good ones too.
I find it so satisfying to make these amazing looking and tasting lollies that will keep us all cool on hot days – and they are so simple.

These are the combinations we’ve tried so far, both suitable for kids and adults alike.
I haven’t given exact quantities here as there are different sized lolly moulds, so have fun and experiment.

Juice the following:

Raspberry and red cabbage proportions 1:1

Orange & carrot proportions 1:1

Orange and apple 1:1

Apple and blueberry – blend blueberries into freshly made apple juice

Apple and strawberry

Orange & carrot 1:1 and fresh ginger

Apple and mint – blend fresh mint into freshly made apple juice

Blend only :

Gallia/Canteloupe Melon with Blueberries


(melon and blueberry lollies shown in photograph)

What flavours have you made?

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