Top seven gifts for Christmas

Stuck for Christmas presents this year?

Really want to give a gift that means something?

Here are my TOP seven recipe books for Christmas gifts


Last week I spent a long lunch at a very smart designer hotel in London with four of my close friends.
Every year we pick a different venue based on food and style (these friends are all interior designers – my previous career)

We all exchange early Christmas presents which is a real treat, this year I was very pleased to receive a cookbook I hadn’t heard of but turned about to be a real find.
This inspired me to put together a list of beautifully designed, photographed and the icing on the carrot cake; super healthy cookery books.
As usual these are books I have on my bookshelf and have been road tested by me, I’m quite discerning!


So, roll over Jamie, Nigella, Heston and Gordon, these cooks and chefs are the real deal……

First up is a book I was recommended by Melissa from Evolution Organics over a cup of green tea.

Honestly Healthy by Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson (approx £12.80) is everything I want from a cookery book :

Easy to follow recipes, inspirational photography, great paper (it’s a designer touchy feely thing)

The premise behind the book is eating an alkaline way, our bodies to be in optimum condition want to be in a ph neutral state but many of the things we eat and experience conspire to make us too acidic. Therefore more susceptible to dis-ease.

Vicki and Natasha explain this in more detail and also include a cleanse to help people make the change. I’m hoping that most of you reading this are already eating greener and more alkaline anyway but it’s a great intro for friends and family who haven’t seen the green juice light!

Oh and the recipes? I’ve made most of them and they never fail to delight.


Indian Superfood and Indian Superspices both by Gurpareet Bains (approx £8.99 each)

I remember driving home one winter evening listening to Simon Mayo’s Drivetime show on BBC Radio 2 and salivating over the description over this amazing sounding Indian food that was being cooked on the show. The descriptions were of food so different from most of what I was used to in Indian Food, even when home cooked. I was hooked, they were cooking from Indian Superfood the first book by Chef Gurpareet Bains. I’ve cooked many a recipe from this first book, I’m definitely inspired by photographs and this book delivers. Indian Superfood also gives a run down of why each recipe is “super” If you get this book as a gift I recommend accompanying it with some Nigella Seeds (also known as black cumin seeds) I got mine online from an Asian grocery site, they are a wonder spice and in a lot of the recipes.

Gurpareet has followed this up with Indian Superspices which goes into much more detail what the spices can do for many a common illness like colds and insomnia


Zest for Life by Conner Middelmann Whitney (approx £9.99)

This book has been on my “go to” shelf for nearly eighteen months now since I was given the review in The Telegraph Newspaper. Conner has come up with the most tasty selection of Mediterranean inspired recipes, the bonus ? They are all anti-cancer inspired but oh so easy.

Unfortunately there aren’t any photos but Conner’s descriptions of each recipe are a credit to her.

She has plenty of photographs on her website to inspire further.


Veg by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (approx £12.50)

Well done to the previously confirmed meat eater Hugh on this book. The photography and matt paper gives this weighty book plenty of oo’s and ahhh’s and mmmmm I can’t wait to try thats.

Last Christmas we had the parsnip, date and orange salad for starters and it was fresh but warming and ideal before the main course (which by the way was local seabass)

The recipes are reliable to make and use seasonal ingredients in combination. Hugh even ventures into some juice recipes, but only a few so if you want to inspire someone you love to get juicing it has to be….


Funky Fresh Juice Book by Jason Vale (approx £15.99 amazon or £9.99 direct)

This is Jason’s first all colour, all photographs recipe book including more juice and smoothie recipes you could shake a stick at. I’m very proud to say that one of my recipes is also in the book in the Community Juice section of the book. There’s also a special section for kids so there’s no excuse not to get the whole family juicing. The recipes are clearly laid out with graphics on whether they require a juicer or a blender or sometimes both. Kris has done lots of very funky photography that emulates the vibe that Jason has.
If you really want to spoil someone this Christmas the ultimate gift would have to be one of the Juicemaster Retreats either in rustic Turkey or sophisticated Portugal.

There’s some great Christmas offers on the Juicemaster website, including the Funky Fresh Juice Book for just £9.99 don’t forget to click through from this site to get your extra 5% off.

Lastly I have waited several months for this book by one of my favourite wellness warriors to be published in the UK (it’s already available in the USA)


Crazy Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr and Chef Chad Sarno (approx £13.29)

I’ve got the rest of Kris’s Crazy Sexy books, some to do with her brilliant way of tackling stage IV cancer with a determined and feisty attitude (I certainly get her) and some to do with the plant based whole food diet that I believe which we should all consider.

In conjunction with Saf restaurant’s chef Chad Sarno Kris has developed 150 recipes – that’s a a lot of cooking. Expect cool photography and unusual food ingredients – ones that we should be using though.

So far I’ve only cooked one recipe from the book which landed a couple of days ago and it got me using the stunning black beluga lentils that had been sat waiting patiently in my pantry. So far so good. I also love her Aztec smoothie as a great way to get greens into a “chocolate” smoothie.

I have links to these books on Amazon here which if you use will pay me a small percentage to give to my chosen charity Tamis Wish.
Alternatively go to a bricks and mortar bookstore and support your local community!


Still stuck for ideas?……….


You can’t go wrong with Green People‘s Christmas packages of organic, clean bodycare

Or the Ayurvedic skin products from Pukka – they don’t just do tea, did you know?

If you really want to spoil someone head over to Juicemaster and bag a juicer.


If you click through to these websites through not only will you get presents your friends and family will actually thank you for with a genuine smile on your face but you’ll be helping me raise money for the charities Penny Brohn Cancer Centre and Yes to Life.


Happy Christmas


With love and light


Verity xx

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  1. Ruby McGuire says:

    Hi Verity, what a fabulous review and you look gorgeous in the pic. I am off now to check out which ones of these I have and which ones to get from Santa! Happy Christmas!

  2. Lori Pinkerton-Rolet says:

    Hi Verity, Another fabulous idea by my favourite roomie. Beautifully written synopsis. You should double as a literary agent (in your spare time) !

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