Welcome to Verityslifestyle.com my anti-cancer blog and resource site for a healthier you and me.

My inspiration for verityslifestyle.com is Dr David Servan-Schreiber’s work and book “Anti-cancer” a new way of life.
His book found me in 2010 just weeks after my diagnosis of breast cancer that had spread to my bones.
His book helped me and my family to really focus, take back control and be pro-active in my wellness.

If you are new to a wholefood anti cancer way of eating then welcome!
Verityslifestyle is mainly about food, but I also love talking about clean green living as a whole, taking into consideration the health of our minds, body, homes and also pets

To access the recipes created by me and also featured guest recipes click on the food categories on the home page.

There are many books featured here that will change the way you think about the food you eat and what it can do to help promote the healthiest you there can be, even with chronic disease

I would love to hear your story and find out what you love to eat to be anti-cancer
I’m interested to hear of what difficulties you might be having, I will feature some answers to them on my food Q&A !

If one of your difficulties happens to be your spouse or partner then please get them to read the article written by my husband – a former meat, roast potatoes and two veg man.

I highly recommend if you or someone you know is recently diagnosed with cancer please have go to my “anti-cancer toolbox”

If you’d like to get sneak previews of my new recipes before they appear on here on verityslifestyle.com and a round up of healthy news please pop your name and email address just here
I promise you your details will never be sold or given away!

The contents of this website are my own opinion and are in no way meant to constitute medical advice, a cure for cancer or any other disease. Please contact a holistic, medical and nutritionist professional for advice.



2 Responses to “Welcome”
  1. Janet Dalbo says:

    Hi, I have been a survivor and fighter since 2005 of aggressive BC. I had mastectomy,reconstruction,chemo and radiation. 2011 returned in my rib. Had just radiation. Now again been fighting it has returned in my liver. 8 spots. Had one type of chemo and didnt work. Now during Halavan with 4treatments. Scans to follow in march. I am trying to do little carbs and sugar but it is hard. Especially being Italian with gravy,macroni,and bread installed in me. Lol I need all help I can get.

  2. tara lunn says:

    Hi v & D and little I
    im so glad to see you are all doing well, I have enjoyeyed reading your site and wish you much love and luck on your journey.
    love always Tara and Jasmin x x x

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